Building for the future

EGF is a team of lifelong gamers and sports nerds building the infrastructure for collegiate and high school esports across the United States through leagues, platform, and esports media.

EGFH is a national high school esports league operated by EGF. As the first state-endorsed high school esports league in the world, EGFH gives schools the opportunity to embrace how many students already choose to spend their time, in a structured environment that presents unique competitive and educational opportunities, and delivers authentic experiences to students.

EGFC is a national collegiate esports league designed for formalized esports programs. Building on the model used in traditional sports, EGFC governs the league including a competitive season and works with administrators to develop competitive and educational programs on campus.

EGFM is the home for all of EGF's media - broadcasting EGFH and EGFC matches and original content, producing league matches, championships, and conferences for EGF members. In addition, EGFM provides training for esports broadcasters and producers through EGFM's internal programs, and through partnerships with schools developing courses and degrees focused on esports media.

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Meet the EGF Family

Tyler Schrodt

Founder, CEO

Rockie Hunter

Creative Director

Alex Bylina

Business Development

Broadcast Manager

David Chen

Head of Events and League Operations

Thomas Pan

Account Manager