Thomas Pan


With a background in recruiting and event management, Thomas Pan serves the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) as an account manager, where his role includes serving in client relations, talent acquisition, staff support, and strategic planning.

Before he joined EGF, Thomas worked as a recruiter for LiveLike, a live streaming platform that allows broadcasters to stream content under their own brand. There he screened and hired top candidates for roles in every facet of the organization, from communications and product and project management, to design and engineering. During his LiveLike tenure, Thomas helped the recruitment team ramp up applicants by 514%, and was instrumental in campus recruitment for the company’s summer internship program.

As a technical recruiter for SANS consulting services, Thomas performed the entire life cycle of recruitment, from initial candidate identification to the hiring some of the industry’s top talent. Thomas also has been involved in the gaming community since 2015, when he worked as an event organizer for Community Gaming New York (CGNY), an organization that brings together gamers for bring-your-own-device events.

Thomas enjoys traveling to conventions to find, collect and sometimes sell Funko Pops. He has been an avid attendant at Comic Con in New York, San Diego, and Seattle, and travels throughout the world to sample exotic food and drinks.