David Chen


David Chen has led the Electronic Gaming Federation’s development operations team since 2017, creating and expanding esports programs in high schools and colleges across the United States, including Division 1 schools such as Ohio State University. David represents EGF at major industry events – such as PAX East and The Esports Observer conference – and is the organization’s primary website developer, producing and helping to manage the broadcast and media team.

For the University of Delaware’s Video Game Tournament Club, David served as the president and primary manager for events, managing branding and communications, local outreach, membership, weekly tournaments, and the scouting of players. David has used this experience to help develop the game studies minor at the university and continues to be involved in the tournament club.

David graduated from the University of Delaware with a bachelor’s of science degree and a concentration in video game studies. In his spare time, David enjoys trading card games. He played at Yu-Gi-Oh Nationals in 2013 and has played Hearthstone competitively, placing in the top 32 players at a PAX East Open, and in the top two in Newegg’s Game Like a Pro. David was born in New York City and grew up in Delaware.