Meet the first member of our family

Ohio State University joins EGFC


EGFC is a national intercollegiate esports league.

Brought to you by the Electronic Gaming Federation, EGFC is designed exclusively for formalized (varsity) programs working with some of the best known universities in the country.


| Governance
| Compliance
| League Operations

EGFC is the Electronic Gaming Federation’s national intercollegiate esports league designed specifically for formalized (varsity) programs.

EGFC unifies league rules, coordinates schedules and ensures that esports in our leagues respect the code of conduct, the law, and each other.


| Program Development Assistance
| Facility Design
| Agency Services
| Web Platform

EGFC specializes in the design of esports programs including competitive teams, educational programming, and social impact initiatives.

We work with each university to create and execute development plans, design esports facilities, and provide traditional sports marketing services and a team management platform.


| Live Broadcast
| Original Content
| Events and Championships

Through our EGFM team, we broadcast EGFC matches on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, tell original stories, and produce in-person events.

Our team of casters, designers and video editors will guarantee that everyone will be recognized for their competing efforts. We produce instant replays, have professional level commentary and host in-person championships.